TFT May 2022 Dev Drop: Dragonlands Info Rundown

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics: Set 7 has been teased for months now, and Dragonlands is close to being officially available for excited fans. To further add to the excitement, a new Dev Drop was released early in May, giving us hints toward what we can expect out of Dragonlands gameplay, and what new champions will be added.

To start with the biggest thing: Dragons. We are given some more information on the Dragon trait, and what to expect out of it. Like the Colossus trait from this past season, Dragon units will take up two team slots on the map. However, unlike Colossus, each Dragon unit will cost 10 gold. In return for their high cost and rarity, Dragons will be extremely powerful. As said in the video, they will receive "triple the trait bonus from their origin, alongside a bunch of health." This trait is only active if you have only one Dragon unit on the field. However, an augment that could alter this is hinted at.

The video gives us brief glimpses of characters who will likely be sharing traits. The first group of champions we see is Nidalee, Skarner, Vladimir, Nami, Illaoi, Varus, and Aurelian Sol. All of these champions don their Cosmic skins (except Aurelian Sol, whose base design is already quite out of this world), united by their royal blue coloring. We get a glimpse of Varus in the shop, and we can see his main trait is listed as Astral, which we can assume is the shared trait between these champions. However, when we see Aurelian Sol in the shop, his two traits are Tempest and Dragon. This may mean Dragons do not have to be played with a specific trait to be effective in a team comp.

The second group of champions is made up of Senna, Sett, Kayne, Shen, Swain, Hecarim, and Xayah, and Shyvana. These champions don't share designs of the skin line like the prior group (for example, Senna is in her High Noon skin while Xayah is in her Brave Phoenix skin), but they do all share a fiery coloring and disposition.

Other champions we see are Galio, Neeko, Sejuani, and Sylas. So far, we only know three of the characters who will have the Dragon trait (Aurelian Sol, Galio, and Shyvana), with no hints as to what other characters will be a part of the seven Dragons.

Other primary traits we see briefly listed in parts of the video are Jade, Guild, and Whispers. Other secondary traits we see are Shapeshifter, Swiftshot, Cavalier, Mage, and Brawler.

We have known for a while augments were going to return in some compacity (it was mentioned in a previous dev drop in January), but we now know what they will appear as: instead of a Hexcore, players will have Dragonshrines. However, something just as exciting as the return of augments is the addition of the Treasure Dragon. It will be replacing the raptors stage, and players will be offered different sets of treatures (such as gold or items) to try and help complete their comp. If players don't like the items they were offered, they have one chance to reroll, at the cost of losing all the treasure they were offered at first. It offers a risk/reward choice that will further help diversify the game alongside augments.

Set 7: Dragonlands is coming to the PBE servers on March 24, 2022.