TFT Patch 11.9: 3 Biggest Changes

courtesy of Riot Games

The new features of Teamfight Tactics 11.9 patch has been out for a week and people are loving it.

TFT: Reckoning has been a great refreshment for its players. The last season was a drag for many people and Riot Games was aware of this. With patch 11,9, TFT was renewed with great changes that have brought the game back to life.

TFT Patch 11.9: 3 Biggest Changes

Little legends and balance changes have been modified in the game.

1. Hyper Roll

courtesy of BunnyMuffins YouTube

Hyper Roll is a new mode brought in to patch 11.9. It is a fast phased game of original TFT with minor changes to the game system. The biggest change is that players will lose a set amount of health when defeated that round. The game starts with 20 health, thus a match usually ends within 10-15 minutes. More information about Hyper Roll can be found here. Because each match does not take a huge amount of time, Hyper Roll is a great way to get used to the new season

2. Champions

little Devil Teemo
little Devil Teemo / courtesy of Riot Games

Champions have gone and come every season. Previous traits have been limited to those such as increased attack speed, mana, etc. Yet Riot Games presents new types of champions that have never been tried before. For example, little Devil Teemo can be bought with the players' health instead of coins. Champions with Abomination as their origin will have a zombie of them rise when they die, called the Monstrosity.

3. Shadow Items

courtesy of RIot Games

The Shadow Item system is also new to the game. If one or more crafting items are shadowed, the full item will also be a shadow item. These items look the same as the ones we originally had, but there are minor changes to these items that may make the champion stronger, but always with a debuff. For example, a Shadowed Infinity Edge has a 20% more critical strike chance than the original Infinity Edge, but every time the champion holding the item uses the item, they will lose their own health and die faster. Thus be sure to know what shadow item you are handing to your decks because it will have consequences.