TFT PBE Patch 11.11: Everything to Know

Nightbringer Vladimir
Nightbringer Vladimir / courtesy of Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.11 will be bringing changes to champions, items, and traits and possibly some change in meta. This article will explore the release date of Patch 11.11 and a list of the adjustments made on the PBE server so far.

Riot Games posted the tweet with a visualization of what is to come in Patch 11.11. Note that not all changes in the graphic have been applied to PBE. The only update for TFT in PBE is made with some champions and traits. Items and other champions will hopefully be updated soon.

TFT PBE Patch 11.11: Everything to Know

The expected dates for TFT: Reckoning Patch 11.11 is this coming Wednesday on May 26. The patch will be affecting the regular game as well as Hyper Roll. The patch will be done sometime in the morning with the League of Legends update.

As mentioned earlier, the only changes have been made with traits and champions on PBE. Considering that there is less than a week left until the next patch, the PBE patch is final and more information can only be added than deleted.


The only buffed trait is Abomination.

  • 4 unit Abomination health increase 1400 -> 1500
  • 5 unit Abomination health increase 1800 -> 2000

Forgotten goes under a nerf of 9 unit AD lowered from 160% to 140%.

Skirmisher makes an adjustment of shield value from flat value to 20/35% of maximum health.


Seventeen champions have been adjusted on PBE for TFT Patch 11.11. Let us divide them into those who have been buffed and nerfed.

courtesy of Riot Games

Here is a list of buffed champions and their tier.

  • 1- Vladimir
  • 2- Sejuani
  • 3- Riven
  • 3- Nidalee
  • 3- LuLu
  • 4- Karma
  • 4- Aphelios
  • 5- Heimerdinger
  • 5- Garen
  • 5- Darius

The Sejuani and Aphelios buffs are the most notable ones. Sejuani has become significantly tankier with an increase in armor and magic resistance. Aphelios has gotten an increase in bonus damage.

courtesy of Riot Games

Here is a list of nerfed champions and their tier.

  • 2- Trundle
  • 2- LeBlanc
  • 2- Varus
  • 3- Pantheon
  • 4- Jax
  • 4- Draven
  • 4- Vel’Koz

Many players have voiced their concern towards buffing five Nightbringer champions as well as Karma, an already good champion. We will have to see how the game meta changes after the actual patch goes live on May 26.