TFT Set 6 11.23 Micropatch to Adjust Katarina, Mutants, Colossus, and More

Photo by Riot Games

After the Teamfight Tactics Set 6 patch, players reported more bugs and champions that become too powerful in-game.

Stephen 'Mortdog' Mortimer, TFT's lead designer, tweeted an announcement for a micropatch on Nov. 19.

Mutant champions buffed in the previous patch that have been too popular and too powerful will now be nerfed.

Mutant Attack Damage and Ability Power will be decreased as well as Colossus Damage Reduction decreased from 30 percent to 25 percent.

Individually, Katarina has been nerfed to do less damage and refund less mana late game. Some players expressed that Katarina was too strong and needed to be nerfed.

Sion is now heading to a better position in-game with adjustments that grant him more health but less Attack and Spell Damage. Sion's armor and Magic Resistance will increase, in attempts to make Sion a more appealable champion to play with and against.

Other issues in-game are to be fixed in this future patch including the 4 Enforcer synergy that doesn't stun correct targets. There has also been various issues in the Double Up mode like selling champions with items, but not receiving those items back.

The Double Up mode is still in Riot Game's 'lab', so Riot will take down Double Up after several patches in order to work on issues and bugs in order to release it to the public again.

This micropatch has not been released yet, but players can look for a patch on Nov. 24, just before the Thanksgiving holiday.