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The Ascent Stuck on First Mission: How to Solve

Photo courtesy of Neon Giant, Curve Digital

Upon starting The Ascent, some players may immediately run into the issue of not being able to progress through the first mission. There is a yellow door in the Arcology Blues prologue mission that seems impossible to pass through, locking players out of further content.

Despite its widely-praised worldbuilding and graphics design, The Ascent launched with many technical issues on release, some of which may prevent players from completing certain missions. Luckily, the issue many players run into with the yellow door is not a bug, and can be solved easily. Here's how to do it.

The Ascent Stuck on First Mission: How to Solve

To get past the yellow door, players must hack into the terminal next to it by pressing the C button on PC or the Y button on Xbox. Hacking into the terminal will unlock the door.

The game explains the hacking mechanic in an in-game tutorial, but it's unsurprising that some players may misunderstand this section of the gameplay. Previously in the level, the player comes across several identical terminals with a button prompt for interacting with them. The button for interacting isn't the same as the one for hacking, and no button prompt pops up on the terminal to be hacked, so players may not realize what to do.

Players can now progress through The Ascent's gameplay as normal. There are still technical issues in the game, but hopefully, they will be solved through updates such as the new Aug. 4 patch.