The Ascent Weapon Tier List

Here's a tier list of all the weapons in The Ascent.
Here's a tier list of all the weapons in The Ascent. / Photo courtesy of Neon Giant

This weapon tier list for The Ascent is here to break down the best options to use in the cyberpunk action-shooter RPG from Neon Giant and Curve Digital.

As players progress through the game, they'll obtain weapons as rewards for completing missions, by purchasing them from merchants, looting them from various locations, and simply being dropped by enemies and bosses. Keep in mind that although all of the weapons in the game can be upgraded by visiting a Gun Smith with the required resources, simultaneously upping their MK.-level and damage figures, certain firearms are simply more devastating than others. Whether you're fighting alone or with friends, here are the best weapons to use in The Ascent.

The Ascent Weapon Tier List

1. S Tier

  • The Minor Note
  • Scorcher
  • The Crazymaker
  • Overwhelmer
  • Astromasher
  • Dismemberer
  • The Dealbreaker

Fittingly enough, in S Tier are the seven weapons that cannot be found in stores and can only be secured by completing certain missions. From the Overwhelmer to The Dealbreaker, these weapons are well worth the hassle it takes to get them, and can single-handedly carry players through the rest of the game.

2. A Tier

  • MG1000 Strikebreaker
  • Blastmaster
  • P9000 Roomsweeper
  • HMG42 Dominator
  • Besieger
  • Strobos
  • BC7 Disintegrator
  • Magmamaker

In A Tier are some weapons that simply enough, get the job done. For instance, the BC7 Disintegrator is likely the only energy weapon players would ever need in case some nearby robot enemies are starting some trouble.

3. B Tier

  • EBR Enforcer
  • Boreshot
  • RPG23 Launcher
  • E77 Superior
  • ABR Commander
  • Dread
  • ER Chrome Puncher
  • ES4 Eraser
  • EP4 Pacifier

These B Tier weapons remain very effective once upgraded, and aren't too hard to get. The ABR Commander, in particular, is a great weapon for those simply looking for a consistent workhorse.

4. C Tier

  • Riot Gun
  • The Fist
  • HCE9
  • HC3 Goliath
  • Habdefender PPW
  • HCF Heat
  • P1 Protector

From the P1 Protector—the Pistol players first start with—to the Riot Gun, these C Tier weapons can be had for under 10k uCreds, or even for free from random enemies who drop them. They aren't nearly as good as those in the tiers above, so be sure to aim higher on this list for your go-to weapons in The Ascent.

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