The Finals Closed Beta Maps: Full List

Blow Monte Carlo to pieces in The Finals
Blow Monte Carlo to pieces in The Finals / Embark

The Finals is the new multiplayer shooter from ex-Battlefield devs Embark, and it's set to explode onto the scene with innovative destruction mechanics and a Capture the Flag focus that hearkens back to old-school shooter game modes. Here's what you need to know about the maps of The Finals in the PC Closed Beta.

The Finals takes place in virtual arenas, where four teams of three players compete to earn cash by eliminating enemies and capturing boxes, which can be deposited in designated points to earn a big payout. Nearly everything in the environment can be destroyed, from walls and doors to entire buildings and bridges.

The Finals Closed Beta Maps

The Finals Closed Beta currently has two maps: Seoul and Monaco. The former takes place in the steel-and-glass towers of the South Korean capital, while the latter is set amid the opulent villas of the world's second-smallest nation. Players are free to destroy these historic sites in any way they wish, using explosives, wrecking balls and many, many bullets. Each map has a day and night version, and also features gameplay mutators that occur randomly during matches.

The Finals offers a unique urban combat experience focused on traversal and choice: Players can hop across rooftops, take side alleys or utilize jump pads to get across the map quickly. The game's relatively high time-to-kill encourages thrilling cross-map chases that take advantage of all the destruction the game has on display.