The Finals Not Launching Black Screen: How to Fix

The Finals is cool, but the black-screen error isn't.
The Finals is cool, but the black-screen error isn't. / Embark Studios

The Finals is an FPS by Embark Studios that gained much traction recently, earning over 200,000 concurrent players on Steam soon after its launch. Although The Finals is fun, some need help with a black-screen error that prevents the game from launching. No one knows the exact cause of the problem, and Embark Studios hasn’t said anything about it yet. Here’s what players can do until the issue gets resolved.

The Finals Not Launching Black Screen: How to Fix

According to Pro Game Guides and AFK Gaming, people can try the following options to stop the black screen error:

  • Adjust the graphics settings: Players may have to adjust the visual configurations to the lowest settings before launching The Finals. Try changing the screen resolution, quality presets, texture filtering, and other options to their minimum settings.
  • Reinstall the game: It may be as simple as re-downloading The Finals to fix the error. Players should delete the game on Steam and all other files on their computers before downloading it again. 
  • Update the GPU drivers: GPU manufacturers typically release updates to enhance performance after a huge new game comes out. Players must visit their GPU manufacturer’s site to download the latest driver update. Then, they should restart their PCs and try relaunching The Finals.  
  • Check file integrity: The Finals’ game files could be causing the error. Players can check the integrity of the game’s files by visiting their Steam library, right-clicking on The Finals, selecting “Properties,” clicking “Local Files,” and then picking "Verify Integrity of Game Files." Any damaged files should be re-downloaded. Players should then restart the Finals.

If none of these steps work, players may have to wait for Embark Studios to release an update. The developers are likely to announce one via Steam or X.

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