The Finals Second Closed Beta: How to Get in


Embark Studio's new destruction-based FPS The Finals is making a surprise return this summer for a second Closed Beta following a successful test in March. This innovative FPS has been making waves thanks to its unique objective-based gameplay and impressive destruction physics. Here's how to get a piece of the action in the Second Closed Beta.

For those who weren't following The Finals when it was first announced, it's a competitive multiplayer shooter with a unique premise: four teams of three competitors are loaded into a virtual game show and tasked with capturing boxes of tokens in order to advance through rounds and reach the titular Finals. Also key to the gameplay formula is the granular level of destruction that allows players to blow up walls and level entire buildings. The game uses server-side destruction to ensure a smooth and bombastic gameplay experience - minimizing lag.

The Finals Second Closed Beta: How to Get In

There are a couple of ways to get into the second Closed Beta for The Finals. First, if you participated in the earlier tests of the game, you are automatically allowed back in. If not, there's still time to sign up on the game's Steam page: keys for the first Beta were awarded randomly, not based on time of signup, so even if you weren't on the list the first time there's still a good chance to get a key.

Players who received keys through Steam can also invite friends to squad up with them, though those friends will not have access to this feature going forward. There was also a supply of keys given out by SteelSeries for the last Beta, but those also ran out very quickly.

Players looking to get into the Beta should keep an eye out on official communications from Embark as well as the game's Discord to find out more ways to acquire a key. I waited for months since the game's announcement and so far the game has blown my expectations out of the water, bringing a refreshing take on the multiplayer FPS with some truly awesome explosions and level design.