This Apex Legends Character's Pick Rate Has Fallen to 1%

EA / Respawn

One of Apex Legends' best characters when it comes to reconaissance has seen his pick rate fall down to one percent after the Resurrection update went live during Season 18.

Seer upon release has consistently been one of the best Legends in the game for surveying areas, revealing enemies and getting the upper had on opposing squads. Though, since the Resurrection update which included Revenant Reborn, players have started to steer away from Seer in squad construction. Most likely because of the nerfs to his Focus of Attention ability.

Apex Legends Seer Focus of Attention Nerf

Focus of Attention is Seer's Tactical Ability and one of the best in the game at giving players a close-quarters advantage in different scenarios.

  • Focus of Attention: Seer summons his micro-drones to emit a delayed blast that goes through walls interrupting and revealing enemies

Focus of Attention received the following nerfs in the Resurrection update:

  • Slow duration reduced to 0.5 seconds (was 2.5 seconds)
  • Silence duration reduced to 8 seconds (was 10 seconds)
  • Firing Speed increased to 1.4 seconds (was 0.9 seconds)

Seer was about middle of the pack in terms of pick rate prior to the nerf, but players can see on Apex Legends Status how drastically the trend changed when Revenant Reborn went live.

Apex Legends Status

The white line in the graph above indicates Revenant's pick rate against the blue line which is Seer. Of course, Revanant's pick rate is going to spike following the Reborn update, but it also shows how drastically the nerf has affected Seer's rate. Seer fans hope developers are monitoring the Legend's current state in the meta and hope a buff is coming in the future.