TimTheTatman Rage Quits Warzone Session, Ends Stream After Respawn Bug

"I tried to execute and it wouldn't let me!"
"I tried to execute and it wouldn't let me!" / Image courtesy of TimTheTatman, Activision

In the short lifespan of Season 1 thus far, the Warzone Pacific community has seen Aydan, NICKMERCS, and Dr Disrespect either rage or quit the game altogether, and it appears TimTheTatman might be the next content creator to jump ship as well.

In TimTheTatman's recent YouTube video on Jan. 9, the content star shared footage of a Warzone game he played that simply was too much for him to comprehend and continue streaming as if nothing happened — and for good reason.

The moment in question took place several games into a "tough" Warzone session between TimTheTatman and OpTic TeeP.

After Teep heroically manages to buy Tim back from the dead, Tim spots the duo that was causing TeeP problems in the first place.

With one already knocked by TeeP, and the other laying down to revive them, Tim lands on them to complete what should be a simple and easy play. He insta-executes the revivor, the duo is taken out, and Tim gets all the loot.

Unfortunately, thanks to a bug, this was not at all what happened.

Due to a bug, Tim spawned in with just his fists rather than a pistol. Because of this, he is unable to hold the melee button and execute the player.

In a panic, Tim then decides to try and punch the player to death, but only manages to break their shield before the other player gets up and immediately takes Tim out with a throwing knife.

Thankfully for the sake of TeeP's ears, Tim muted his mic before going on his rant.

"I'm beyond myself, dude," TimTheTatman said. "I quit.

"Why am I not spawning with a pistol? This game is chalked!"

After a brief cut in the video, Tim describes his mindset after deciding to log off for the day.

"It's good to have breaks every once in a while. This is definitely a break moment. I am glad this is the last game because I need to walk away. I need to take a step back. I need to look in the mirror, I'm going to throw a clown nose on, and stare at myself for continuing to continually play."

"And the hard part is I love the game. I love Warzone, but holy f—k!"