Titanfall 2 Easter Egg Spotted in Apex Legends Season 14 Lobby

"The guy you see behind the glass..."
"The guy you see behind the glass..." / Image courtesy of KralRindo, Respawn Entertainment

Over the years, Respawn Entertainment has not been shy in creating some overlap between two of its most successful titles to this point, Apex Legends and Titanfall 2.

After all, Apex Legends does indeed take place 18 years after the events of Titanfall 2.

Aside from official weapons and characters, as well as apparent map leaks, it appears Respawn has laid a fresh Titanfall 2 Easter Egg for players to discover in Apex Legends: Hunted.

As posted on Twitter Aug. 9 by prominent Apex Legends leaker KralRindo, there is more than meets the eye in the new Season 14 lobby screen.

According to KralRindo, the mysterious silhouette of the prisoner in Cell D13 actually uses the same asset as that of a scientist from the IMC.

Per Dexerto, the specific scientist model used was first seen in the fifth Titanfall 2 campaign mission "Effect and Cause." In the mission, protagonist Jack Cooper and BT-7274 are tasked with infiltrating an IMC research facility as they search for Major Anderson.

Unfortunately, as KralRindo mentioned, it appears not much should be expected of this Easter Egg in terms it being a sign of things to come as it's most likely just a reused asset.

Ultimately, however, it still wouldn't be all that hard to imagine an expanded Titanfall universe event happening in Apex Legends down the line.

Apex Legends: Hunted is available now on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Origin, Steam).

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