Top 5 Apex Legends Characters for Control

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment & Electronic Arts

The newest game mode for Apex Legends, Control, brings two teams of nine players together to battle over regions of a map in an effort of complete domination. Once one team has successfully secured three areas of the map, they win the game.

Control has been noted by many players as one of the most chaotic game modes Respawn has released yet, in which players are not upset when they die, but instead get even more excited when jumping back into the game.

With this new game mode also comes the top five Legends that players have found to be the best for Control. These Legends have abilities that can affect enemies on a large scale, be very annoying to face, and are overall very effective.

Top 5 Legends for Control

1. Fuse

Fuse’s Knuckle Clusters constantly expel bursts of explosions, allowing him to control a significant amount of space. His ability can contain any group of players in their attempt to take control of an area.

2. Mad Maggie

Having enabled her Warlord’s Ire, Mad Maggie can see a highlighted figure of any enemy that she has damaged over a period of time, as well as be able to move with her shotgun. This can also account for her second ability which is the Riot Drill, since whenever it is attached to an object where a potential enemy is hiding, it will deal 160 damage over nine seconds, as this object is also indestructible.

3. Bloodhound

Bloodhound can be the most useful of any Legend in this game mode as their main skill is recon. Being one of the best recon Legends in-game, Bloodhound can set off their Eye of the Allfather to see enemies around them, revealing their location nearby. They are ideal for hunting down prey and making sure that their team can take down the enemy.

4. Wattson

Wattson’s Perimeter Security can create a boundary for players as they are unable to move past the nodes that create an electrical fence at certain entrances of buildings. This lockdown will limit players from leaving or entering certain locations, of course they can still enter, but they will have to suffer the damage of 20 hp each tick over a period of three seconds.

5. Caustic

Nox Trap barrels can be the most annoying feature of Caustic, as his gaseous cloud can slow any player in its area of effect, causing harm wherever it goes. This ability can be detrimental to players trying to contain an area as this airy poison pollutes players. On top of that, each trap has 150 hp, making it just as annoying to destroy these canisters as it is playing around them.