Top 5 Settings to Make Your Aim Better in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has long been touted as perhaps the shooter in the genre with the highest skill ceiling thanks to its emphasis on tracking likely being the most you'll see out there.

As such, if your settings are off, it can be pretty tough to not only clutch 1v1 gunfights but also pick up the easy trades that you're supposed to as well. Here's a breakdown of the top five settings to make your aim better in Apex Legends.

Top 5 Settings to Make Your Aim Better in Apex Legends

Of course, it's important to note that since aiming with a mouse is pretty straightforward, being all up to one's sensitivity, DPI, mousepad space and actual mouse itself, this list will focus on what in-game settings the average controller player can change. Just be sure that if you are using M&K, to turn off any settings that have to do with mouse acceleration, filtering and smoothing so that your aim can feel more consistent when you play.

5. Controller Vibration

It's definitely best to turn this off. Although you lose out on that immersion factor, you don’t want your controller moving around while you're in the heat of a gunfight with a chance to clutch it out.

4. Reticle/Laser Sight

In case you didn't know, Respawn Entertainment recently made it so that you can customize the colors of your Reticle and Laser Sight in-game. Of course, this all comes down to personal preference, so if you simply didn't like the game's default red, you can now tailor the crosshair color to your liking without having to use any of the color blind modes.

3. Trigger Deadzones

Having this set to "None" minimizes the amount of time it takes from you pulling your controller's trigger to the bullets actually going off in game.

2. Button Layout

One setting that a lot of controller players in Apex Legends suggest is changing your Button Layout to Evolved. Especially if you don't have a controller with paddles, Evolved might help you out quite a bit as it puts jump on L1/LB and crouch on your R3/RS to allow to jump, duck, slide and drop from walls without sacrificing view agility.

1. Look Sensitivity/Look Sensitivity (ADS)/Response Curve vs. ALC

Lastly, easily the most important setting to change on your controller pre-game is your sensitivity. In Apex, there are two ways to adjust this. The first is simply using the basic, legacy settings. A great place to start is High (4) for your Look Sensitivity, Default (3) for your Look Sensitivity (ADS) and Classic for your Response Curve. For those who want the absolute most control over their aim, you'll want to take advantage of the newer Advanced Look Controls (ALC). Adjusting your ALCs is much more complicated, so we'd recommend checking out a guide on YouTube to figure out what works best for you.