Town of Us Mod Among Us: What Is It?

The Town of Us mod in Among Us was partly inspired by the Town of Salem
The Town of Us mod in Among Us was partly inspired by the Town of Salem / Photo by InnerSloth

Some have heard of the Town of Us mod in Among Us, but what is it? Mods in Among Us have become a popular way to switch up the format of the game by adding new roles for the players to take on beyond Crewmates, Imposters, and Ghosts.

One modder by the name of slushiegoosie has created a mod known as the Town of Us, gaining some inspiration from the Town of Salem. This mod adds 22 unique roles for imposters and crewmates that can make it so no two players have the same role. The lobby host can determine the probability of each role being assigned and can make certain roles unavailable in certain games.

Town of Us Mod Among Us: What Is It?

The 22 new roles in the Town of Us mod are vastly different from any seen in a normal game of Among Us. They all carry a specific power or trait that players can use to their advantage. Here is the full list of all new roles and what abilities they have.

Crewmate roles

  • Child - can not be killed or voted out; if either happens, everyone loses
  • Engineer - can fix sabotages from anywhere, but Imposters are made aware of their direction
  • Investigator - can see everyone's footsteps
  • Lovers - two players who can secretly chat with one another, but if one dies so does the other; if both lovers are among the final three players, they win the game
  • Mayor - can save and store votes to be used multiple times in later rounds
  • Medic - can give any player a shield until the Medic dies
  • Seer -can reveal the roles of other players
  • Sheriff - can kill Imposters, but die if they try to kill another role
  • Snitch - is made aware of Imposters' names and their direction after completing all tasks
  • Spy - can see the colors of every player on the map while on Admin Table and can see how long ago dead bodies were killed on Vitals
  • Swapper - can swap the votes of two players
  • Time Lord - can rewind time to the previous few seconds

Neutral Roles

  • Arsonist - can douse other players with gasoline; once they have doused every player, they can ignite them all and win the game
  • Executioner - chooses a player to get voted out at the beginning of the game; if that player ends up getting voted out, the Executioner wins the game
  • Glitch - can hack other players to render them unable to complete tasks or use abilities and can mimic other players' appearance; can kill any player and will only win if they are the last player standing
  • Jester - wins the game if they are voted out, but this is the only way they can win
  • Shifter - has no tasks and can steal another player's role, but dies if they try to swap roles with an Imposter and the process fails; the afflicted player then becomes the Shifter

Imposter Roles

  • Camouflager - can make remove all player names and turn everyone gray, making them unrecognizable
  • Janitor - can clean up bodies, but can not kill until they are the last Imposter remaining
  • Miner - can create new vents that connect to one another, forming new passageways
  • Morphling - can morph into a selected player, but can't vent
  • Swooper - can temporarily turn invisible, but can't vent

The Town of Us Among Us mod can be accessed here on GitHub.