Toxicroak Pokemon GO Best Moveset

Photo by Niantic

Pokemon GO features a plethora of different monsters that suit many different playstyles. If Trainers prefer Pokemon that can pack a punch and resist many attacks, Toxicroak may be a good choice for them.

Toxicroak is a Pokemon that was first introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, serving as the evolution of Croagunk. This Poison/Fighting type is an absolute powerhouse in the right hand and with the right moves and has access to a diverse range of moves that’ll keep opponents guessing. In Pokemon GO, Toxicroak has seen prevalent use in competitive battles as of late, leaving everyone to want a poison monster of their own.

Luckily, this Pokemon’s pre-evolution is pretty common and only requires 50 candy to turn into a Toxicroak.

Toxicroak Pokemon GO Best Moveset

Trainers will be pleased to hear that Toxicroak has the same optimal moveset for both styles of play, making this Pokemon very adaptable to most Pokemon foes can send out. For the Quick Move, teach this frog Counter, and opponents will think twice before sending out their best Pokemon once they see this fast move. For the Charge Move, teach it Dynamic Punch, and send opponents in a panic once they see the raw power of the punch.

As it’s a Poison/Fighting-type, Toxicroak is a very hardy Pokemon with several resistances and little weakness. This monster is strong against Fighting, Poison, Rock, Grass, Dark, and Bug-types, though it is weak to Psychic, Flying, and Ground-types. In the grand scheme of things, it’s one resilient frog with a high attack stat.

Toxicroak and Croagunk are now available to capture in Pokemon GO.