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Toy Day Animal Crossing: Everything You Need to Know

Photo via Nintendo

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Toy Day takes place on Dec. 24, a day early than most places celebrate the holiday the in-game event is based on.

Below, players can find everything they need to know before jumping right into ACNH's Toy Day celebration.

Toy Day Animal Crossing: Everything You Need to Know

Toy Day was added, along with Turkey Day, in the Nov. 19, 2021, update of the game.

On the day that it takes place, Isabelle will say something about the event on the morning announcements and every villager in town will wear santa hats.

Toy Day Walkthrough

Check out a walkthrough on how to complete ACNH's Toy Day event and find out how to get all the cool festive rewards.

To begin, the player has to speak to Jingle, who will give you a few activities to complete that will help make Toy Day run smoothly.

1. Make Festive Wrapping Paper

After speaking to Jingle, he will ask the player to make him 3 Festive Wrapping Paper.

Crafting these requires one of each color of Ornaments. To find these, check out this.

2. Deliver Presents

Once the player has made the Festive Wrapping Paper, speaking to Jingle again will trigger him to give the player a Magic Sack.

Now, the player must deliver presents to the villagers of the town by equipping the bag like a tool.

All you have to do is walk around to speak to every villager. Some may even give a gift in return!

The rewards for delivering presents are as follows:

  1. Halfway through, the player will get the DIY Recipe for the Gift Pile.
  2. When the player finishes, they will be given the Toy Day Sleigh furniture item.

3. Hang up Toy Day Stockings

Jingle will also give the player Toy Day Stockings, which can be hung up in the player's home.

The stockings can be interacted with on Dec. 25, Christmas Day, to obtain Jingle's Photo.

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