TSM Albralelie Shares Apex Legends Trick to Only Get Gold Loot With Lifeline's Ultimate

Respawn Entertainment

TSM streamer Albralelie shares a small trick to guarantee gold loot when you use Lifeline's ultimate. With the introduction of Armories, Respawn introduced "smart loot," giving players what they need instead of a random assortment of loot. Now, this may have been in play already with Lifeline's ultimate, but it's 100% a feature now.

Players know that Lifeline's supply drop has smart loot, but Albralelie shares how to manipulate the system. The "smart loot" doesn't activate until players open the supply drop. Many would assume it's when the ability is activated and the supply drop is called.

This gives players an opportunity to receive all gold items. The first difficulty is the "smart loot" is based on the whole team, not just the Lifeline, so if you want a gold knockdown or backpack, everyone will need a purple. So if you want the trifecta, every player on the squad will need a purple or better helmet, backpack, and knockdown shield. Then there is one more premise.

The supply drop will also give missing attachments for players, and the likelihood of you having everything you need for all three players is low. So before opening up the crate, all three players have to drop their weapons. The game will stop trying to provide attachments since no one has weapons attached, and lying before you should be only gold upgrades.

Apex Legends is currently in the second split of ranked as players continue the grind to predator. This Lifeline trick may help in late-game scenarios, providing you with some much-needed upgrades. Just don't try it with enemies pressing around you.