Unreleased Apex Weapon Spotted in Devstream

The 30-30 Repeater may be in its own weapon class soon
The 30-30 Repeater may be in its own weapon class soon / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment | Electronic Art

An unreleased Apex weapon type was spotted during the Apex Legends devstream on Thursday, March 4, indicating that more updates will be coming soon than what was talked about. The devstream covered a few different topics, most notably the Chaos Theory event, updates to Legends and weapons, and changes in

Unreleased Apex Weapon Spotted in Devstream

The Chaos Theory collection event is set to begin March 9, at which point all the changes will be implemented to the game as well. The weapon type tease was found during the portion of the devstream where new changes to gold and care package weapons were announced. Previously, gold assault rifles (AR) and gold light machine guns (LMG) were outfitted with a predetermined scope that varied weapon to weapon.

After the update, it was announced that all gold ARs and LMGs will be kitted with a 2x HCOG 'Bruiser' sight, an optic highly sought after by every player in Apex Legends. Additionally, players will have the ability to switch out the sights on all gold weapons and all care package weapons with any sight, excluding the Kraber which will remain with its sight.

As the developers showed this feature off in-game, they scrolled over various sights with a gold Havoc Rifle. Once they reached the 3X HCOG 'Ranger' sight there appeared to be four weapon categories that the optic could be attached too - Sniper, AR, LMG and Marksman.

While we do not have further details on what this Marksman class will entail, it's not surprising that Respawn maybe adding a new weapon class soon, just as they did with the Sniper class in Season 4. Some players have suggested that weapons like the G7 Scout and 30-30 Repeater are obvious candidates for this new class of weapon.

The Longbow DMR seems like it would be once again moved to a new class of weapon, as the acronym in its name stands for Designated Marksman Rifle.