V Rising Nicholaus the Fallen Location: Where to Find Nicholaus the Fallen

Image courtesy of Stunlock Studios

In V Rising, Nicholaus the Fallen is one of many Blood Bosses you will fight and slay on your mission to take down all the bosses of the game and reach your full vampiric potential. Nicholaus poses a potentially troublesome mid-game challenge for players who are not prepared. Here's your guide on how to find him once you're ready to take him down, and some tips on how to do that.

V Rising Nicholaus the Fallen Location

Nicholaus the Fallen is one of the 15 different Blood Bosses that can be found in V Rising's Farbane Woods location. Since it is the first location you'll have real access to in the game, Nicholaus the Fallen's level of 37 means that he will be one of the two or three hardest bosses to take down in that area.

He can be found in the southwest area of Farbane Woods, in the Forgotten Cemetery. There is a bandit camp to clear here, in addition to being the same place you'll face off against the penultimate boss of the game, Quincey the Bandit King.

V Rising Nicholaus the Fallen Location
Screenshot courtesy of V Rising and Stunlock Studios

Given Nicholaus's strong level, matching him at level 37 should be considered minimum prep for taking him on. Additionally, he carries a variety of attacks for which you should prepare. His main attack will be a homing bolt of magic, but he can summon a group of skeletons to attack you as well, and can teleport away and then appear near you dealing area of effect (AOE) damage to the location to which he teleports.

There are some counters worth making sure you have available for this fight. Aftershock, obtained after defeating Errol the Stone Breaker, can help to take out the skeletons Nicholaus will send after you. Additionally, making sure you have access to the Chaos Volley attack, earned after defeating Lidia the Chaos Archer, will allow you to take large chunks out of Nicholaus's health. Using a strong crossbow as your main weapon in addition to cycling through the other two attacks will allow you to remain on the front foot of this fight and take down Nicholaus.