Valheim Mod List: 10 Best Mods to Use

The Valheim modding community has been hard at work.
The Valheim modding community has been hard at work. / Photo courtesy of Iron Gate Studio

Valheim's mod list continues to expand by the day. Modders have been developing mods for the game since its inception as an early access game on Feb. 2.

With Valheim's community demanding more modifications, modders have been tirelessly working to meet the requests. The mods are mostly found on Nexus Mods, and there are currently over 100 available for download. Some change up elements of the game and a variety of them introduce improvements. While some players will stick to the original version of Valheim, many are curious to see the kind of changes that these mods can provide.

Valheim Mod List: 10 Best Mods to Use

With dozens of mods available for download, players have been wondering which are among the best to use. The following list provides an overview of the best Valheim mods that players can currently use to enhance their gameplay experience.

  1. Valheim Plus: The most popular Valheim mod to date. It introduces a variety of quality of life features, such as modification of stamina usage and regeneration, carry weight, food duration, fermenter speed, and beehive honey production speed.
  2. Craft Build Smelt Cook Fuel Pull From Containers: Allows players to use resources from containers without needing to open them, so long as they are in range.
  3. Equipment and Quick Slots: Provides equipped items with their own inventory slots.
  4. Clock: A clock widget which shows the in-game time.
  5. Quick Stack: Allows players to quickly stack items from their inventory into currently opened or nearby containers using a hotkey.
  6. Unrestricted Portals: Removes the portal item restrictions.
  7. Map Sync: Gives players the ability to share their exploration history and map data with their friends.
  8. SkToolbox: Extends the functionality of the console and chat commands.
  9. First Person View: Enables a first-person perspective once zoomed all the way in.
  10. Bigger Item Stack: Allows players to increase the max item stack and change the weight for items.

Iron Gate Studio will continue to add their own changes to Valheim. The latest update, Patch 0.147.3, tweaked the game's server. In future updates, we may see the developers meet some of the demands coming from the game's community. While players wait for the release of new patches, they can rely on mods to introduce a variety of improvements and gameplay changes.