Valheim Tech Tree Guide: How to Progress

Start your base and craft tools to go down the Valheim tech tree.
Start your base and craft tools to go down the Valheim tech tree. / Photo by Iron Gate Studio

Valheim Tech Tree will be how to advance further into the game. Since the procedurally generated game is open to an almost infinite amount of possibilities, it may not be clear at times how to progress down the tech tree. Here's what you should be looking out for when you start your Valheim journey.

Valheim Tech Tree Guide: How to Progress

Your first day in Valheim should be devoted to establishing your basics. When you start, be sure to gather as many materials as you can find. Punch trees to get wood, gather stones and forage for food. When you have enough wood and stone, you can make an axe that you can defend yourself with.

Keep gathering wood until you can build a workbench. This is the foundation for most of the game going forward. You'll need to build some shelter over it, but now you can start crafting items and upgrading your bench. Adding to your workbench gives you the ability to make better items, helping you progress through the tech tree.

You'll need to start gathering rarer resources like Flint or leather to upgrade your things, so you'll have to go questing for them.

If you were lucky enough to get a seed with a house, you can save a step. If not, you'll have to build shelter. At least for the first day, you can just make a campfire and bed to sleep. The next day should be spent gathering materials and building your base.

From here, you'll want to work towards crafting your first set of leather armor. You'll need it if you want to take on the first boss, Eikthyr. He drops Hard Antlers, letting you craft the pickaxe and further upgrade your items. Make some better gear and take on the next boss, letting you get better resources to make even better gear. That's the primary gameplay loop for Valheim!