Valorant 2022 Agent Release Schedule: What to Expect

Courtesy of Riot Games

The next Valorant agent is rumored to be released at the end of August 2022. Riot Games has not released any details about the agent but there are some leaks and in-game clues. Agent 21 will be joining the Valorant agent roster in the upcoming future, here is everything we currently know.

Valorant 2022 Agent Release Schedule: What to Expect

Twitter user Valorleaks shared that Agent 21 is internally called Mage. After the leak, Riot revealed Agent 21's full name in-game through an email. "Varun Batra" was mentioned hinting that it is a new REALM operative, the name suggests that Agent 21's ethnicity is Indian.

Rumors mention that the new agent will be male since the latest two agents have been female. Leakers also mentioned that it might be possible that the agent will be a controller since the last controller agent added was Astra.

Agent 21 is expected to join the Valorant roster when Episode 5 Act 2 launches around August 24 2022. Riot has not officially announced the update, but we can expect Riot to release a trailer when Agent 21 makes their official debut.