Valorant Agent 19: Everything We Know So Far

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

With Valorant's newest agent finally being released, players are wondering what teasers Riot has shown off that are related to the next agent.

Check out everything we know about Valorant Agent 19 below.

Valorant Agent 19: Everything We Know So Far

There's not currently any concrete information on Valorant Agent 19. Riot hasn't spoken on the newest agent just yet.

Usually, the Valorant team will tease the newest agent in the last player card of each Episode Battlepass.

Looking closely at the player card for the most recent Episode Battlepass, it doesn't seem there's anything teased this time around. But here's a photo of the last card in Episode 4's Battlepass for those who want to check it out.

Valorant Agent 20: Everything We Know So Far
Photo via Riot Games / Ashley Cortez

Here's what Valorant has done to tease past agents such as Agent 17, Chamber, and Agent 18, Neon.

1. Chamber Teasers

Some of Chamber's teasers can be found below.

Agents are constantly teased with cards from previous Battlepasses. Chamber was teased with the final card of Episode 3 Act 2.

Valorant Agent 19: Everything We Know So Far
Photo via Riot Games

2. Neon Teasers

Neon was teased multiple times prior to her release, through official images and also leaks.

While the tweet below gets the Agent number incorrect, players now know that this card is a photo of the tool on Neon's back that limits or controls her electric powers.

The Neon card was titled Live Wire, teasing a technology or electricity-based agent.

People even guessed the character's ethnicity and voice actor early, says this post on Reddit, where a person put the vocal teasers against voice actor Vanille Velasquez's previous work to see the similarities in voice.