Valorant Agent Tier List March 2021

Where does Astra fit in the new tier list
Where does Astra fit in the new tier list / Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

The Valorant Agent Tier List in March 2021 has had a few changes since the last tier list. Valorant recently received an update that introduced new character Astra into the game, and officially started Episode 2 Act II. For today's tier list, we'll also be taking into account player skill, or how dependent these agents are on the person's level of competence. Without further ado, let's see the new agent tier list, and where Astra fits in.

Valorant Agent Tier List March 2021

S Tier - Sova, Raze, Omen, Sage

Sova remains a top-tier Valorant agent.
One of the oldest agents is still one of the best. / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Sova is both a strong character and one that doesn't require great aiming and gunplay to use effectively. As an initiator, he stands at the top, as there really isn't anyone that can do what he can when it comes to recon and forcing opponents to be on the move. His ultimate is fantastic against defusers too.

Raze has an arsenal of useful abilities that can annihilate a team, and skilled players can force the opposing team to be wary of the skies when it comes to her. Omen is the best at smoking off areas, making life tough for the enemy team as both attackers and defenders. Sage is still great, and an easy agent to use for players who aren't sure of their capabilities when it comes to killing foes.

A Tier - Jett, Killjoy, Cypher, Brimstone, Phoenix

Jett from Valorant.
Jett has the highest skill ceiling in the game. / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Jett at her best may very well be the strongest agent in the game. She can entry smoke, escape, and honestly kill off an entire team with her ultimate. That being said, a player must have good coordination and reflexes to use her, as a lower skill player will have trouble making her competent. A true high ceiling, low floor agent.

Killjoy and Cypher are both pretty strong sentinels that good players can use to lock down a site. Many players will play aggressively with them, but the trick is to play passive, as their abilities won't work if you're dead.

Brimstone is almost as good as Omen at smoking off areas, with his range being slightly smaller. His ultimate is good after planting a spike, similar to Sova's.

Phoenix is a flashy yet stable agent. His abilities can be used as both support and entry. A useful ultimate allows him to scout out places and hopefully get a couple kills as well.

B Tier- Astra, Breach, Reyna

Reyna's recent nerfs have proven effective.
Reyna's recent nerfs have proven effective. / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Astra is the newest agent and has been intriguing, but slightly disappointing — at least so far. Her abilities are all useful, but feel like lesser versions of other agent's abilities. Her ultimate feels very niche in that it requires a very specific situation to be effective. Perhaps as both counters and strategies are discovered with Astra, her placing will fluctuate.

Breach is a very annoying agent, especially with his blinds, but he's not great at much besides stalling and acting as support. He's a decent initiator, but it's hard for him to get much done on his own.

Reyna's newest nerf knocks her down to B tier, for now at least. Her reduced Devour and Dismiss is tough for people looking to chain kills, although her ultimate can still be lethal in capable hands.

C Tier - Skye, Viper, Yoru

Yoru, Valorant's second most recent addition, has proven disappointing.
Yoru, the second newest agent, is disappointing. / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Skye can be both irritating to use and ineffective at the same time. Her ultimate is pretty mediocre, and as an initiator, it feels like she isn't that good at initiating.

Viper has been in a bad spot for a while now, and while Riot Games has stated it'll fix her eventually, until it does she'll stay a very "meh" controller.

Yoru straight up sucks right now compared to the other duelists. His blind is much harder to use than the rest of the field, and his whole shtick of misdirection and deception is often useless when it comes to above average players.