Valorant Agent Tier List Patch 3.09

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

With the new release of Valorant Patch 3.09, along with the new Act III players are once again loading into a new season of the tactical FPS. While loading into games in the new season, players are wondering who to lock in as they roll over the competition.

As this new act gets released, here is the Agent Tier List as of Patch 3.09.

Valorant Agent Tier List Patch 3.09

1. S Tier- Jett, Sova

These Agents have been on top of Valorant for month now, and this will not change anytime soon. These two are the top of the top, and each hold a space in Valorant that is too valuable to be replaced. Both as the quintessential sniper and the best information gatherer in Valorant, these two are the king and queen of Valorant.

2. A Tier- Astra, Viper, Killjoy, Skye

These characters all operate in a very necessary role, as space takers or space deniers. Between smokes, flashes and post plant utility, these characters add so much value that in most cases they have to be picked.

3. B Tier- Reyna, Raze, KAY/O

These characters all have their niche space. KAY/O has seen a lot more play after his recent flash buff, and the other two are simply the best duelist options outside of Jett. All of these characters operate in a unique way and are all great in the hands of a specialist on one of these characters.

4. C Tier- Cypher, Omen, Sage

Each of these Agents have some use, but they are all unfortunately outclassed by others in their category. Omen and Cypher also suffer from serious issues when it comes to ultimate usage, as they probably have the two worst ones in the game. Sage has a great ultimate in her resurrect ability, but she has been hit so hard by nerfs from Riot that over time she has lost a lot of her luster.

5. D Tier- Brimstone, Phoenix, Yoru, Breach

There is really no upside in using these characters. Each of them are outclassed by everyone else in their categories, and there is no way to justify using these characters over any others when it comes to trying to win. Especially Yoru, those reworks cant come fast enough.