Everything We Know About Valorant: Episode 3 Act III

Valorant's upcoming agent Chamber
Valorant's upcoming agent Chamber / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Valorant Episode 3, Act III will run from Nov. 2 through Jan. 11, and its Battlepass will cost players 1,000 VP. Players will have 10 weeks to earn all of the new gun buddies, player cards and weapon skins included in the pass.

This act's Battlepass and many of the rewards included in it were created with end of the year festivities in mind.

"With this Battlepass, we wanted to celebrate the end-of-year traditions like Halloween, the New Year and the winter holidays," said associate art director Sean Marino. "Players will see a lot of items that reference these holidays."

In total there are 10 gun buddies, 12 player cards, 14 sprays and three different sets of weapon skins coming to Valorant with the new pass. The Aero skin set and its variations will be available on the Frenzy, the Guardian, the Phantom and the Spectre. The Bucky, Bulldog, Operator, Shorty and Melee weapon are all receiving Genesis skins. Finally, the Goldwing skins will be available on the Ares, Classic, Ghost and the Judge.

A new agent is also coming to Valorant with the new act. Chamber is French weapons designer inspired by suave assassins like James Bond. The well dressed and well armed agent will be available to play Nov. 16, one patch after Episode 3, Act III's release.

"As we dove deeper into creating Chamber, it became clear that his gameplay revolved around highly lethal, pinpoint accuracy. That feeling was the core of his thematic: the idea that the distance of the shot, the breeze in the wind, the type of powder in the ammo, all these fine details must be taken into account to land the perfect hit," said character producer John Goscicki. "A person like that would care about the finer things in life as well.

"The perfect shot must be as immaculate as the look," Goscicki said.

Chamber leverages his custom arsenal of weapons and gadgets to hold the line and take down enemies from afar. His first ability is a trap that scans for enemies and slows them when they com within a certain range. His second ability is a heavy pistol known as the Headhunter. His final tactical ability allows him to place two teleport anchors. While on the ground and in range of one anchor he can activate the ability again to teleport to the other anchor. Chamber's ultimate ability is a powerful custom sniper rifle that is capable of killing enemies with any direct hit and creates a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it when a player is killed.