Valorant Black Friday Deals 2022 Listed

Riot Games

As Black Friday approaches, Valorant players have been looking to prepare their wallets for the best deals coming up. 

On Oct. 18, at the start of Episode 5 Act 3, Valorant’s newest agent, Harbor, was introduced into the game. His special water abilities: High Tide, Cove, and Cascade, has proven himself to be a popular pick and a powerful agent in any team. 

Along with Harbor, the new map, City of Flowers, has been teased by Riot Games to make its debut in Valorant soon. Though the date for the map has not yet been confirmed it is expected to come into the game during the third patch of the Act, on Nov. 30.

With major updates coming soon, there is no better way to enter Valorant’s next installment than with some new skins. Here is a breakdown of Valorant’s 2022 Black Friday Deals 2022. 

Valorant Black Friday Deals 2022 Listed

Unfortunately, there has not yet been an announcement regarding Black Holiday Deals or whether they are even coming to Valorant. In the past, Valorant has not released any discounts for the holiday season, and this year might be the same.

However, twice every month, the Valorant Night Market offers players discounts on a random assortment of six different gun skins. The date of the next Night Market has not been confirmed, but along with the new map, it is expected to pop-up in the game around the time of Black Friday, on Nov. 30.