Valorant KAY/O Guide: How to Play the Agent

Photo by Riot Games

Valorant's KAY/O, its newest robotic Agent capable of suppressing other foes, has been out for a while now, and with that time, many players have devised their own strategies on how to operate. Of course, there are some standard methods and ideas that all players should be using, regardless of how they want to play KAY/O.

For those looking to become deadly with this robot, and shut down your opponents with ease, here's the best tips to keep in mind when learning KAY/O, before any potential nerfs or changes come his way.

Valorant KAY/O Guide: How to Play the Agent

Memorize Lineups for ZERO/point, Attacking and Defending

This may be the most important, so it makes sense to put it out in front. ZERO/point (E) is KAY/O's signature ability, that allows him to suppression his opponents, as well as using it for recon purposes. Because it notifies KAY/O about which Agents have been suppressed, it makes it great for both attacking and defending. If you're attacking on maps, learn lineups that throw the knife directly in the center of the site, allowing the greatest chance for players to be suppressed. If you suppress Agents, you'll be able to know how many are defending that site, and then you can plan with your teammates about how to take them down.

Defending is just as valuable; if you anchor a site and use ZERO/point, you'll be able to know which site the enemy team is converging on. Then, you can communicate to your teammates, and tell them to rotate to your site. There's plenty of great YouTube videos for this, that break down lineups map by map, with both attacking and defending in mind.

Don't Neglect FRAG/ment and FLASH/drive

Because ZERO/point is the ability most KAY/O mains will use the most, some may not be overly concerned with his other abilities, FRAG/ment (C) and FLASH/drive (Q). That would be the wrong decision, as both of these are great assets for KAY/O. For FRAG/ment, a smart and easy strategy is while on defense, using it to choke off an entry point for the enemy team. There's plenty of narrow hallways in Valorant, and if you catch the opponents off guard with your molly, you can punish them accordingly. FLASH/drive should be used just like any other flashbang, and plan with your team. There's nothing worse than getting flashed by a teammate, so work with them to flash a corner, then push immediately.

Don't Be Afraid to Play Aggressive

Despite being labeled as an Initiator, KAY/O plays similarly to many Duelists, and as such, players shouldn't be afraid of getting their hands dirty. Using ZERO/point to identify Agents, and then pushing with FLASH/drive and FRAG/ment can be a high-risk maneuver, but if all of his utility is used correctly, KAY/O can be an effective vanguard for his team on attack. You might take some deaths every now and then, but KAY/O has the firepower to take down some opponents as well. Just be sure to balance the risky plays with the smart ones, coordinate with your allies before a match, and not put too much of a burden on your teammates.