Valorant No Payment Methods Currently Available Bug: How to Fix

Valorant is coming out soon on June 2, 2020.
Valorant is coming out soon on June 2, 2020. / Photo courtesy of Valorant

As Valorant's closed beta is coming to a close due to its June 2 release to parts of the world, there has been a new issue that players have found as they cannot complete purchase due to a bug where there is no payment methods available.

Players have started to notice a bug where the store said that there was no payment methods currently available. Valorant's in-game store has purchasable cosmetic items for both players and weapons via Radiante points, Valorant's in-game currency.

Here is everything we know:

Valorant No Payment Methods Currently Available Bug: How to Fix

Paypal has been the cause of the recent bug in which it results in no payment methods being available. Players have also been faced with a reCaptcha that also bugs resulting in the players inability to purchase in-game content.

Here is how to fix/reasons why bug occurs:

1. Maintenance on May 22

  • The closed beta of Valorant is coming to a close and with developers preparing for the June 2 release, they have also shut down the in-game store and player's ability to purchase content.
  • Closed beta players will have their store purchases reset and given back on June 2 plus an additional 20% of total purchases. A nice touch from Riot Games to compensate players who have contributed to the game.

2. Before May 22

  • Players who had issues prior to maintenance on May 22 could have issues with their PayPal account itself. Going through the settings of the player's PayPal account and the card it is linked to would be a good start. Maybe it is an issue with the amount of funds left in the account or an issue with verification.

3. Contact Riot Games Support/Valorant Support

  • Reddit threads and Twitter are great places to get support by officials who deal with game. In addition, the Valorant support page is another great way to reach out and have them look into an issue or concern. They can grant exceptions or a quick fix while they looked into the game or direct a player to more assistance or information.

Valorant and Riot Games Support has commented on some Reddit threads and Twitter posts that they are investigating this issue.

Either way, as of now, May 26, the game is in maintenance and the in-game store will be unavailable to all players till June 2.