Valorant Patch 1.05: 5 Things We Want

Patch 1.05 is coming, eventually here's what we want to see
Patch 1.05 is coming, eventually here's what we want to see | Photo by Riot Games

Valorant Patch 1.05 is expected to release Aug. 4 following Riot Games' path of bi-weekly updates. The developer adapted its balance schedule from League of Legends. The system's worked well so far with fans applauding consistent updates.

Here's five things we want to see in the next Valorant patch.

Raze Tweaks

Although she was nerfed a little bit in Patch 1.04, Raze is still a bit too much of a powerhouse. Her abilities can be super fun to use and she's widely considered the most noob friendly option, but when every single new player feels the need to pick her as their go to first free agent, there's a clear issue.

Matchmaking Changes

Valorant's matchmaking is a little shaky at the moment, with some players reporting being matched with players three or four ranks above or below them. Obviously this is not ideal, especially if you're a the only Silver in a room full of Platinum players. Riot has promised to add more transparency in it's ranking system in Act 2, so hopefully this will carry over to matchmaking as well.

New Agent

Riot Games has been teasing a new Agent, Killjoy, for a while. The new agent will probably be dropped either in the Act 2 update or Patch 1.05 but either way it'll be nice to get a new set of tools to play around with. Based of the information released, Killjoy seems to be a German Agent who uses mechs and turrets to fight and according to character voice lines, might be slightly shorter than the rest of the roster.

This might either be a throw away line, lead to some interesting mechanical shake ups or, if worst comes to worst, an Oddjob situation.

Frame Increases

Some players have had issues with frame rate drops and long loading times before matches. Aside from being annoying, in a game as fast paced as Valorant, a poorly timed frame rate drop can be the difference between life and death.

Anti-Cheat Software Fixes

Although overall Valorant has been pretty good about keeping cheaters out, some have still managed to slip through the cracks of its software. It was bound to happen, and cheating isn't Rampant yet, but hopefully developers will iron out whatever the back door is that cheaters are getting through in the next update.