Valorant Patch 1.06: 5 Changes We Don't Want to See

Valorant Patch 1.06 expects to go live next week
Valorant Patch 1.06 expects to go live next week / Image via Riot Games

Valorant Patch 1.06 is coming up and there are some potential mistakes that would hurt the quality of the game. While the game is fairly balanced and Riot Games has done a good job controlling the meta, that can quickly go awry. Let's take a look at which changes would be ill-advised for Riot to implement in the upcoming patch.

Valorant Patch 1.06: 5 Changes We Don't Want to See

More Expensive Cosmetics

Riot Games shocked many when they released a $95 weapon skin bundle. A lot of the community was upset--for good reason. While Riot certainly put a lot of hard work into the cosmetics and produced a great product, the prices dwarf that of many other game's microtransactions -- even League of Legends. Cosmetics should be cheaper across the board, and there should be a focus on implementing more affordable cosmetics for players with less disposable income.

Sage Stays the Same

Sage is currently regarded as the best agent in the game and has a high play rate. It's important that Valorant has a diverse meta in order to remain fun and fresh. While the recent Sage nerfs did help to level her play rate out a little, it was not enough. Riot needs to tone her down a little more in order to balance her place in the meta.

It is common to see new games have graphical issues and game play bugs and Valorant is no exception. The newest builds of the game have some bugs that cause freezing or crashing mid match. These issues are frustrating to play with and should be cleaned up by Riot immediately. Its crucial that the game run smoothly in order to continue growing in popularity.

Operator Nerfs

The Operator deals immense damage and one shot kills to the head or chest. The sniper rifle is the most fun gun in the game and has a great feel to it. While the gun is extremely powerful, it rewards accuracy and skill with a sniper rifle. While some have called for nerfs to its damage, skill expressive elements are good for any competitive game. The Operator has a great feel and is super satisfying to rack up head shots with.

Raze Buffs

Raze excels in chaotic situations and seems to be a low rank mauler. Her explosives can counter a lot of recon abilities in Valorant. Overall, Raze feels like an agent that has the potential to ruin the meta if over-tuned and should be kept as a situational pick at best. She can be infuriating to play against and Riot should be wary of adding power to her kit.