Valorant Patch 1.12 Agent Tier List

Anyone can be viable, you just have to be good enough.
Anyone can be viable, you just have to be good enough. / Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

If you’re hopelessly addicted to Valorant like so many of us are, then chances are you’re desperate to know what agents to play right now.

Riot Games is constantly updating their game’s meta through consistent patches and if you’re not always up to date then it’s easy to fall behind. You don’t have to read every single change to keep up with the game, the most important thing to check is what agents are good, bad, or just ok. The map changes, economy changes, and gun changes are, of course, important, but generally speaking, it's the changes to Agents that have the largest effect on the game.

Valorant Patch 1.12 Agent Tier List

S-Tier: The Best of the Best

Breach, Cypher, Jett, Omen, Killjoy

A-Tier: Still Great

Phoenix, Raze, Reyna, Skye, Sova

B-Tier: Viable, if You're Good Enough

Brimstone, Sage, Viper

Tier List Explained

Some explanation is required for a few of these picks which might seem controversial. On most tier lists out there Sova will take a spot on the top tier, and at the highest levels. However, the purpose of this list is to provide a tier list for the average person who isn’t a top .0001% player.

Sova is a difficult Agent to master. He requires precise knowledge of all of the maps in order to be effective. To be a great Sova you have to know the arrow spots. If you happen to know those then move him up to S-Tier because the utility provided by a good Sova is unparalleled.

Killjoy is another Agent that has trended lower on other tier lists. She’s in the top tier mainly because of her ease and incredible utility, the information that her skillset provides to a team can be the difference between getting flanked or winning the round outright. Her main skills are on defense, but at lower levels, those are the most important rounds to win. Attackers tend to win, it is the easier side to play in most scenarios. Having Killjoy makes taking rounds on defense a much easier task.