Valorant Patch 3.08: 5 Things We Want

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Valorant Patch 3.08 will be launching soon, and players are talking a lot about the changes they would like to see. Among these are some character changes as well as some gun changes that would help to make the game better.

While no one knows exactly how big this new patch will be, players can hope to get their wishes granted by Riot Games. Here are five things players would like to see in Patch 3.08.

Valorant Patch 3.08: 5 Things We Want

1. Omen Buffs

Omen has been in a tough spot as of late. With the addition of Astra and the constant buffing of Viper, he had already found himself in a heated competition for being the top controller. Then, after his own nerfs, he was cemented as a tier below the other two controllers. There are rumored changes coming to Omen, including changes to both his Paranoia and ultimate that will help make his utility more useful.

2. Brimstone Buff

Brimstone is not good in the current meta. There is no reason to pick him when going for a controller. Giving him a few buffs could go a long way to making him viable again. Whether it be overhauling his stim, taking the range limit off of his smoke, or something else, Brimstone needs changes.

3. Yoru Buffs (Please)

Yoru has been left alone for too long. He is the worst character in the game, and it isn't particularly close. He hasn't received any changes for the last few patches after Riot Games said they were looking into reworking or giving him overwhelming changes. The character needs to be reworked, and it is a bit ridiculous he has been left in his current state for this long.

4. Run and Gun Fix

This has been Valorant's longest running problem. Players have been complaining about this for a year now, and it is still a problem. The randomness of shooting in Valorant lends itself to this unfortunately, and until that changes Run and Gun will be an issue.

5. Tagging Speed

Tagging speed has been another issue for Valorant. For too long it has felt like your character loses the use of their legs when they get shot. This was addressed a few months ago by raising tagged speed slightly, and again recently when the slow attached to being tagged by Killjoy's bot hit you was nerfed. However, it is still an issue. There is no way to disengage from fights, and almost no way to hide when hit through walls. Moving slower when hit isn't an issue, but moving so slow there is nothing to do in preventing your death is too much.