Valorant PBE Server Status: How to Check

Photo by Riot Games

Valorant's PBE is still relatively new, so attempting to navigate it has caused some players confusion. For those who were lucky enough to get in, some issues with the PBE server being down, or unavailable for use. This is sure to cause some frustration to players, especially those eager to try out the latest patch before their friends. So, how can players know when the PBE server will be live or down? Here's how players can check the PBE server status.

Valorant PBE Server Status: How to Check

Valorant's development team has a subreddit specifically dedicated to the PBE, and on the subreddit, players can find the times at which the PBE server will be live. Because the PBE server is designed to test out patches before their wider release, the server is only available for a certain time, and for testing out certain patches.

For the upcoming Patch 3.03 in Valorant, the PBE was available for testers July 23-26, closing after the weekend was finished. So, for players wanting to test out patches, plan accordingly. The next patch being tested, Patch 3.04, will be available on the PBE server during the weekends of Aug. 13-16, and Aug. 20-23. For those interested in more information, check out the PBE subreddit.

Right now, Valorant players are awaiting the arrival of Patch 3.03, and the potential changes to its newest Agent, KAY/O. In addition, the newest skin bundle for Valorant, Sentinels of Light, continues the crossover event taking place across all Riot Games properties, like League of Legends and League of Legends: Wild Rift.