Valorant Pros Reveal How to Find Your Go-To Crosshair

How did you find your go-to crosshair?
How did you find your go-to crosshair? / Riot Games

Since launch, it seems many in the Valorant community have sought the answer to one simple, yet important question — what is the best crosshair to use?

For some odd reason, compared to other competitive shooters, what crosshair you have on in Valorant seems to truly affect your aim.

Towards the beginning of Episode 5 Act II, this dilemma was perhaps made even more apparent, thanks to the extensive amount of crosshair customization and sharing options Riot Games added to the game. The possibilities expanded tremendously, and players came up with some eye-catching iterations.

DBLTAP spoke with several of the game's best players from OpTic Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix and 100 Thieves during the Valorant Champions 2022 group stage to get their thoughts on a simple question: How did you find your go-to crosshair? Here's what we found.

Kicking things off, 100T William "Will" Cheng admitted that even though he's competing at the top level worldwide, he's just like most people and still looking for the answer as well.

"That's a hard question because I feel like I do swap crosshairs," Will told DBLTAP. "Whenever I'm just not feeling it with a crosshair, I'll swap it, so I mean that’s kind of how it is."

When asked whether or not he'd be experimenting with the recently added crosshair features, Will said he might be willing to give it a shot.

"I saw that you can do really weird stuff with it," Will said, "like you can have like a blue glow and stuff. I've seen a lot of weird YouTube videos on it."

From one 1-4-2-0 user to the next, OpTic Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen revealed the solution for him was simple — copy his teammate's.

"I just copied my teammate, yay," Marved said. "I really like his crosshair. I had a few different crosshairs that I really liked. One of them was the one I used in Iceland when we won the LAN, but for now, I really like yay’s crosshair. The 1-4-2-0 I believe. It’s small, fits the head perfectly. So yeah, I like that crosshair."

Notably, throughout the tournament, Marved rocked the popular plus-shaped crosshair in both white and neon green depending on the round, which lined up with his answer as to whether or not he'd experiment with the new tools moving forward.

"I liked the new color features," Marved said, "but I always ended up reverting back to the old one. I may try. Whenever I'm not playing too well, I like changing stuff up. I don't really think it messes with me, so we'll see."

Of the bunch, FPX Dmitry "SUYGETSU" Ilyushin was easily the most excited about the new customization options, going as far as to tweet about the ability to use wide crosshairs on native resolution.

Overall, however, SUYGETSU opted to stick with his tried-and-true two favorite options for the tournament.

"To be honest, with the crosshairs I’ve been deciding between 1-2-1-2 with outlines and 1-3-2-2," SUYGETSU said. "I'm sometimes switching them on my feeling. It depends."

Post-Valorant Champions, expect SUYGETSU to switch things up. However, he also revealed why players probably shouldn't drastically switch their crosshairs that often.

"Every time I want to switch crosshairs because maybe somewhere I saw [a] good-looking crosshair," SUYGETSU said, "but you know, you should play one year [with it] probably. I want to also play with [a] dot. But to play this dot, I think it's probably gonna be one year to get used to it also."

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