Valorant Radiant Crisis 001 Bundle Detailed

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Radiant Crisis 001, the newest skin bundle for Valorant has released. This comes alongside the launch of Episode II Act III and all the content that came with it. This new bundle is the most recent in a long line of unique skin lines to enter the game. The comic book inspired Radiant Crisis 001 bundle gives a sense of nostalgia to those who grew up with Marvel and DC Comics.

Valorant Radiant Crisis 001 Bundle Detailed

The Radiant Crisis bundle is a full Epic skin line that includes a cell shaded look to the new weapons. All of which seem like something out of Borderlands. The weapons' second levels all give off even more of a comic book vibe. The VFX for all of the weapons show phrases like "bang" and "whack" just like the ones that would be seen in a comic book panel.

This bundle includes four guns and one melee, all of which have one tier of upgrading. There are no variants for these skins, but the cell shading provides for a very unique experience anyways. The melee especially is very interesting, as it is a baseball bat. This type of melee has never been seen before.

Valorant is now famous for creating new types of melee weapons every few weeks, but this cell shaded bat is certainly one of the more interesting creative decisions they have made so far. The finisher for this bundle has been talked about quite a bit as well, as is seemingly very popular in the community. This new bundle is available today with the launch of the new act for a price of 7,100 Valorant Points.