Valorant Sarmad Bundle: Skins, Prices, Release Date

Here's a breakdown of the new Sarmad bundle coming soon to Valorant in Episode 5 Act 1.
Here's a breakdown of the new Sarmad bundle coming soon to Valorant in Episode 5 Act 1. / Image courtesy of Riot Games

The Sarmad bundle is the latest cosmetics line coming to Valorant in Episode 5 Act 1, according to reliable leaker ValorLeaks.

For those looking to keep their Valorant inventories fresh with the latest drip, here's a breakdown of everything you need to know about the Sarmad collection.

Valorant Sarmad Bundle Skins

Now that the 5.01 patch for Valorant has gone live, it's no surprise that data miners have promptly unraveled what the game's next skin line will be. The guns included in this bundle are the Vandal, Phantom, Spectre and Frenzy.

The Sarmad bundle skins sport an Egyptian theme, complete with golden exteriors with green and red accents, as well as different Egyptian deity animal heads featured at the backs of each skin.

As shown in leaked clips of the offerings, it does appear that this will be the latest Deluxe-tiered bundle to drop in Valorant since the Titanmail collection.

As such, these skins will be on more of the "budget-friendly" side, with no added upgrade levels or special finishers to be unlocked.

Perhaps the star of the show is the new Blade of Serket melee. At Level 2, the dual-wield melee debuts brand-new animations all across the board.

Valorant Sarmad Bundle Prices

According to @floxayyy on Twitter, here is how much VP each of the offerings in the Sarmad collection will go for.

  • Sarmad Vandal: 1,275 VP
  • Sarmad Phantom: 1,275 VP
  • Sarmad Spectre: 1,275 VP
  • Sarmad Frenzy: 1,275 VP
  • Blade of Serket: 2,550 VP (Free with bundle)
  • Entire bundle: 5,100 VP

Valorant Sarmad Bundle Release Date

Alongside the Run It Back 3 bundle, the Sarmad offerings seem likely to take the place of the Prelude to Chaos collection in Valorant's in-game store on Wednesday, July 13, at 5 p.m. ET.

UPDATE 7/13/22 5 p.m. ET: The Sarmad Bundle has officially been announced and released in Valorant by Riot. It remains to be seen just when the Run It Back 3 bundle will be released, however.

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