Valorant State of the Agents: Yoru to Get Update Next Year

Still from the Valorant: Retake Cinematic
Still from the Valorant: Retake Cinematic / Photo via Riot Games / VALORANT

Fans of Valorant have been demanding a Yoru rework for over a year at this point. It seems that it truly is the gift-giving season, as Riot has just announced just such a rework in a future update.

Previously, Yoru's rework had been indefinitely delayed, with the team citing, "unforeseen circumstances" as the reason for the delay.

Valorant State of the Agents: Yoru to Get Update

Yoru has repeatedly been called the worst agent in the game, so it's very good news to see he'll be getting a rework very soon.

So, what will this rework include?

According to the official blog post on the rework, there are multiple changes being made, and two of those changes have been shared with the player base.

1. Fakeout - New Visual

The change in Fakeout comes in the form of a visual. Instead of it being visual footsteps, the developers plan to make the ability create a visual copy of Yoru.

They stated, "...Upon getting shot, [the copy] will wind up and explode, debuffing enemies."

2. Gatecrash - Fake Teleport, Faster Travel and More

Yoru's Gatecrash ability allows the player to teleport across maps quickly. After the rework, it will allow him to move more quietly, forcing enemies to be closer to him to guess where he's teleporting. The teleporter will also travel 20% faster.

Along with this change, Yoru can now trigger a fake teleport, which will make all the same noises that his actual teleport does. This will be useful in tricking the enemy into thinking he's lurking around.

When Will Yoru Be Updated?

While the Riot team working on Valorant isn't ready to share all the changes that will be made, what is currently announced is a step in the right direction.

The team plans for the update to drop early next year, meaning it's possible that we will get a January to March launch.

As of this moment, the Valorant team plans to release at least one more teaser before his official re-launch, so make sure to look out for that in the next few weeks.