Verizon Pokemon GO Outfit: How to Get

Verizon Pokemon GO Outfit: How to get your style on point
Verizon Pokemon GO Outfit: How to get your style on point / Niantic Labs

Verizon Pokemon GO Outfit items are set to hit the game this week in accordance with a special sponsored event.

Verizon-based trainers are getting their very own exclusive event thanks to their phone service provider. Niantic Labs took to the official Pokemon GO Twitter page to announce a very special crossover event featuring the trademark red check-marked company. Trainers using Verizon on their mobile phone will be able to access a special weekend with rare Pokemon spawns and unlockable outfit items for their avatars.

Here's how it works.

Verizon Pokemon GO Outfit: How to Get

Alongside the special event, trainers will have access to exclusive Verizon outfits to showcase their brand loyalty. Codes for these items will become available through the Verizon Pokemon GO portal from Oct. 20, 2020 at 9 a.m. to Dec. 31, 2020. Codes must be redeemed at the Niantic Offer Redemption portal. Only one code may be used per Pokemon GO account and cannot be transferred between accounts.

Trainers need to be part of the Verizon Rewards Program using their Verizon ID to be eligible for all the festivities, according to Niantic.

Verizon Pokemon GO Avatar outfit items
Verizon Pokemon GO Avatar outfit items / Niantic Labs, Verizon

The outfits in question are the Verizon Hoodie and aptly developed Verizon Face Mask. Both feature the company's style guide colors of red, black, and ash-gray. Black and gray are the primary colors with black as the base and gray on the forearms and as two thick vertical stripes on the outer edge of the torso. The hoodies are accented with red as the trim of the hood and as check mark symbol on the center chest. The inside of the hood is white.

More Verizon items will become available as the collaboration continues, according to Niantic. More information can be found on the official Pokemon GO blog news site.