VII Best Characters from Final Fantasy®VII: Remake

The VII best characters in Final Fantasy®VII Remake.
The VII best characters in Final Fantasy®VII Remake. / Photo by Square Enix
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Final Fantasy® VII Remake

Final Fantasy®VII: Remake is just around the corner, and we're excited to finally relive the groundbreaking JRPG. The beloved cast of characters are back and they look and sound better than ever. Here are my VII Best Characters from Final Fantasy®VII: Remake.

VII Best Characters from Final Fantasy®VII: Remake

VII- Don Corneo

Don Corneo's quest appears in a lot of the trailers, but most importantly it shows off the classic Cloud crossdressing scene. This time around, Mark Hamill voices the Don, and I can't think of a better actor to voice the sleazy crime lord than The Joker.


We get a brief look at Red XIII from the trailer, and his complex design (as a beast) is finally done justice with the new game engine.

V- Tifa Lockhart

/ Photo by Square Enix

Tifa is arguably one of the most iconic characters in all of Final Fantasy®. Her movements in the remake feels so dynamic and powerful, and the 3D real time battle system makes all of her hits feel really good. She's another character that gets lifted up by the new engine.

IV- Cloud Strife

/ Photo by Square Enix

Our main hero himself, Cloud benefits greatly from the new facial animations. In the original, the static expressions made him somewhat difficult to see through, as he not only hid his emotions in story but also because the models couldn't express it. We saw more of this in later spin-offs, but we haven't gotten Cloud so expressive in this part of his life.

III- Sephiroth

/ Photo by Square Enix

We don't get a lot of Sephiroth in the trailers, but his relation with Cloud seems to be greatly expanded upon, with Cloud gaining visions of him, calling back to events in Crisis Core. The Remake can flesh out these interactions once more, making Crisis Core feel more cohesive with the original Final Fantasy®VII story.

II- Barret Wallace

/ Photo by Square Enix

The core cast we follow have been given more depth than could have been expressed in the original games. We get more looks at Barret's family, and his redesign shows a more compassionate side the belies his hardened appearance.

I- Aerith Gainsborough

/ Photo by Square Enix

With the original story, we're already meant to like and be attached to Aerith. The remake makes us fall for these beloved characters again by its visual design and animation, and Aerith by far will be the most memorable part of the game. The emotional rollercoaster the original game took us through will be on overdrive in the remake.

Fantasy®VII: Remake releases April 10 for PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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