Walmart Cyber Monday PlayStation 5 Restock Information

We've got the latest on Walmart's Cyber Monday PlayStation 5 restock information.
We've got the latest on Walmart's Cyber Monday PlayStation 5 restock information. / Sony, Walmart

We've got the latest on Walmart's Cyber Monday PlayStation 5 restock information.

Since its release, the PlayStation 5 has remained an elusive item on many fans' wish lists this holiday season. The next-generation console has been plagued with supply issues to meet the massive demand. Fortunately, some users have taken this in stride and figured out the best ways to predict, confirm, and take advantage of console drops.

Are you looking to adopt a PlayStation 5 or bring it to its forever home for the holidays? Here's what we know about how to get one from Walmart.

When Will Walmart Restock the PlayStation 5?

Walmart will be restocking the PlayStation 5 physical and digital editions on Monday, Nov. 29 at 12 p.m. ET (9 a.m. PT). Unfortunately, there's a catch: this is only available to Walmart+ members. Those who are subscribed to Walmart's premium shopping experience can access restocks and deals up to four hours earlier than other shoppers—which could mean disaster for items as highly sought as next-generation consoles.

Walmart+ will run would-be PlayStation 5 owners $12.95. The service does have a 15-day free trial but users reports that the benefits do not extend to early-access events such as the one described above.

For those who want to roll the dice and see what—if anything—is left after the first leg of the sale, restock inside Jake Randall has some advice uploaded in a brand new video on his YouTube Channel.

According to Randall, Walmart drops typically don't offer in-store pickup. They tend to be exclusively shipping to a specified address with times as long as a month or more. The company also uses a queue system with advanced notice for each drop so users can claim a place in the queue. Places are randomized, however.

The video was published earlier today and features important tips, including:

  • Bite the bullet and make a Walmart+ account for the month—or, at least, make a free one.
  • Make sure there is saved payment and shipping information on the account, regardless of paid or free choice.
  • When sitting at the queue page, wait exactly 30-40 seconds before start time to begin hitting refresh.
  • Utilize different devices with multiple accounts to increase the chances of landing the deal.

It looks like those who want to take advantage of Walmart's deals may have to spend a bit extra to secure their prize. Whether that's worth the extra potential shopping time is up to the individual, however. After all, there are other retailers available.

Good luck, readers!