Wangshu Inn Cat Genshin Impact: What's it Name?

courtesy of Genshin Impact

At the Wangshu Inn in Genshin Impact, a black and white cat sits at the front desk to greet you.

Wangshu Inn is the landmark of Bishui Plain in Liyue. Built around a tall and massive rock, the inn attracts various travelers who come to stay, eat, or simply look at the beautiful Bishui Plain.

You can find a shop by speaking to Verr Goldet, the boss of Wangshu Inn, who sells some food and special recipes. Next to her stands a black and white cat.

The cat is quite famous because you simply cannot miss it when you walk into the inn. Another fun fact is when you stand next to the cat, your character will start staring at it.

Wangshu Inn Cat Genshin Impact

The cat may be known by many people, but how many of us know the name of it? To challenge us, miHoYo has made it one of the questions of the Thousand Questions with Paimon.

The name of the Wangshu Inn cat is 'Wei.' Make sure not to confuse it with the human NPC Wei.

Wei used to be a stary cat until Verr took her in. According to Verr, the cat is playful yet mischievous. Talk to Verr to learn more about Wei.