War Weary AC Valhalla: Who Gets the Silver

War Weary AC Valhalla: Who Gets the Silver
War Weary AC Valhalla: Who Gets the Silver / via YouTube/Gamers Heroes

War Weary AC Valhalla quest contains choice options for who gets the silver. To begin the quest "War Weary," Eivor must begin the trek toward Sciropescire territory. He then will have to head over to the area northwest of Quatfort and slightly south of Repton. Once Eivor found and spoke to Ceolbert inside the longhouse, he will be given 650 silver. Eivor will have to decide who to give the silver to. Spoiler alert! It does not really matter who to give because it will not alter the outcome of the game much.

War Weary AC Valhalla: Who Gets the Silver

Here are the options on who to give the silver to:

1. Ynyr the Advisor

If Eivor chooses Ynyr to hand over the silver, he will try to persuade the king to come to peace. Unfortunately, before he even gets the chance to talk to the king, war breaks out and Eivor will eventually have to kill Ynyr anyway. He will not have the silver if Eivor tries to loot his body.

2. Lady Angharad

If Eivor chooses Lady Angharad, king Rhodri's wife, she will give Eivor a token of gratitude in the form of Briton Cloak Brooch that is sellable for 38. She will thank you for helping her kingdom out and Eivor will learn that Rhodri's kingdom is actually bankrupt.

3. Ivarr the Viking

Giving the silver to Ivarr will get Eivor nothing in return. He will eventually run amok to start fights and kill people.

4. Gwriad, King Rhodri’s Brother

Choosing Gwriad will earn his word that he will proceed to coup d'état and betray his brother. He also will promise peace with Eivor and the people. Gwriad eventually dies and Eivor can actually loot his body to get his silver back.

5. Eivor

Lastly, there is an option to keep the Silver for Eivor himself by lying to the Bishop Deorlaf. There is no downside and Eivor can spend the silver for weapons.

Regardless of the options, Ivarr will still start the fight. Players may want to choose the ones that benefit Eivor the most.