Warzone 2 Intel Explained


The next iteration of Call of Duty's take on the battle royale is finally out. Players can now squad up in the free-to-play Warzone 2 on PlayStation, Xbox, or their PCs. Among the many features in the game are the returning contracts. These in-game objectives can help players earn bonus experience points and other loot during matches. Completing them can also do other useful things like respawning teammates or revealing where the next circle will enclose on the map. One of the four contracts players can complete is the Secure Intel contract. Here is what players need to do for that contract.

Warzone 2 Intel Explained

There are two parts to complete when attempting any Secure Intel contracts in Warzone 2. The first objective is to go to the highlighted spot on your map to search for a laptop. As you get closer towards the laptop's location a ping will go after indicating how close you are to it.

Once the laptop is found you will remove a hard drive when interacting with it. A second location will be highlighted on your map. After moving towards the next objective players will find another laptop where they will have to upload data from the hard drive. Players will have to wait near the hard drive as it uploads data. Completing the Intel contract will reward players with XP, money, and the location of the next circle in the match.

This contract is a good way to practice exploring and scouting locations with your squad.