Warzone 2 Players Say Game is "So Bad" They're Actually Living Their Life


Warzone 2 players have begun making satirical posts online, praising the game for being so unenjoyable that they've stopped gaming.

Gaming is a time consuming hobby, but we do it because we enjoy it. Or at least, we're supposed to. Call of Duty players have started to turn their backs on their beloved franchise, claiming that the state of Warzone 2 just isn't worth their time.

Plenty of bugs and issues have been at the root of player problems in Warzone 2, leaving the game's player count to drop off faster than expected. Recently, Activision announced that Season 2 of both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 would be delayed, rolling out on Feb. 15 rather than the previously expected Feb. 1.

All of this, and more, has culminated in Warzone players taking to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the game in an unusual way.

Warzone 2 Players Say Game is "So Bad" They're Actually Living Their Life

"One of my friends started working out, another started doing woodworking. I'm learning guitar," one Reddit user said on a post titled "IW Appreciation Post."

The main image accompanying the post read, "Thank you Infinity Ward. I didn't think you could do it but you made a game so bad I was finally able to quit my crippling Warzone addition and focus on my life and loved ones."

The thread was full of players listing the amount of time they've cut down on playing Warzone since the launch of Warzone 2. "I went from playing 2 hours/day 6 days a week to less than 1 hour total per week. I know my friends are in the same boat too."

Regardless how you feel about the state of Warzone, its clear that some work is needed in order to win fans back over. Whether or not Infinity Ward has some tricks up their sleeve for Season 2 remains to be seen.

Infinity Ward have said that they will be sharing more details on the upcoming Season 2 in a "deep-dive studio blog" set to arrive this week.

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