Warzone 2 Unhinged BR Trios Explained

"Recruit enemies and expand your squad. Loot and Kill. Last squad standing wins."
"Recruit enemies and expand your squad. Loot and Kill. Last squad standing wins." / Activision, screenshot by Ralston Dacanay

Early on into the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, many players may notice there is an Unhinged BR Trios playlist, but not a standard battle royale trios offering.

For those wondering just what this odd-named mode is and if it's any good, here's a breakdown of everything you need to know about Unhinged BR Trios in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 Unhinged BR Trios: What is it?

Ultimately, for those looking for a standard battle royale trios playlist in Warzone 2, Unhinged BR Trios isn't too far off.

Unhinged BR Trios still involves teams of three, has 150 players max, is played on Al Mazrah and follows the standard BR ruleset. What makes the mode "Unhinged," however, is that the game's new Assimilation feature is expanded.

The Assimilation feature allows players, through Proximity Chat and calm heads, to team up with other squads instead of fighting them. After assimilating, players can't cut loose ends abruptly as friendly fire is disabled on temporary squadmates.

As such, while players in Duos and Quads can only assimilate back up to their original sizes (aka "Refill"), players in Unhinged BR Trios can assimilate to form squads of up to six players each.

To assimilate in-game, players simply need to hold the Ping keybind — D-Pad Up on controller and Alt on keyboard — to bring up the Tactical Ping Wheel. The Tactical Ping Wheel contains options for players to invite or join other nearby squads.

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