Warzone Dev Teases Peak POI Changes for Season 3

"Is Peak the problem or is the easy access to Peak the problem?"
"Is Peak the problem or is the easy access to Peak the problem?" / Image courtesy of Activision

With the buildup to Season 3 of Warzone heating up, the game's developers have not been shy in engaging in dialogue on the overall direction of the battle royale title live on various content creators' streams.

Activision Creative Lead Josh Bridge recently joined OpTic TeeP on stream to explain why Warzone can't have a larger map rotation, as well as FaZe Swagg to pinpoint why a console FOV slider isn't coming. Now, in addition to confirming that a "meta shift" is coming to sniper rifles, Raven Software Senior Creative Director Ted Timmons has shared his thoughts on the state of Peak and changes potentially coming to the Caldera point of interest (POI) very soon.

"Honestly, I really like Peak," Timmins said in an interview with Complexity's Baka Bros Tuesday, "and I say this as a player. The reason I like it is, I can’t really think of an experience in Warzone to date where there is such a place that if you land there and take it, now you can parachute anywhere on the map."

Heading into the topic, Timmins was focused on establishing that early on thus far, Caldera has been using systems built over two years ago for Verdansk, and as such, it's about tweaking and adding features (e.g. reworking Ghost and adding redeploy balloons) so that the gameplay and the map make sense together and are working hand-in-hand.

“That's not to say that Peak is perfect," Timmins said, "again, we're getting some really cool stuff coming up. But, you could argue, is Peak the problem, or is the easy access to Peak the problem? Those are the kind of questions that we’re asking ourselves internally at the moment. How do we make the gameplay of Caldera fit the map of Caldera? I think in Season 3, you’ll see the first real inroads into those kinds of discussions."

Thus far, it's definitely seemed like a lot of players haven't been content with the current state of Peak. Its hilly and barren setup makes it so those at the top can simply beam others trying to work their way up. With Peak also being in the center of the map, it's also where the circle seems to pull to a majority of the time, causing players to perhaps feel like the mid-to-late game is often less unique as compared to on Verdansk.

Ultimately, whether or not the devs follow through on reworking Peak, as well as how drastic, will be interesting to track.

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