Warzone Hackers Complain as Two-Factor Authy Implementation Shuts them Down

Hackers in Warzone have been out of control since its launch in March, but recent policy changes by devs have them collectively up in arms.
Hackers in Warzone have been out of control since its launch in March, but recent policy changes by devs have them collectively up in arms. / Photo by Chaz Frazer / DBLTAP

Warzone hackers complain as Infinity Ward implements enhanced features to combat the recent plague of cheating on the PC platform. Since Warzone launched back in March, the free-to-play model of Warzone has been an enticing medium for online cheaters and hackers to shoot their way to victory at the expense of others. Infinity Ward and Activision have been hard at work to combat cheaters, hackers and overall individuals who ruin fun for everyone else. They've already taken steps such as banning over 70,000 accounts in April, and now, have implemented two-factor authorization for individuals on PC signing up for free accounts to download the client.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the first title in the series ever to have implemented cross-play across PS4, Xbox, and PC. The feature was hailed as a game changer for the COD community back when announced in late summer 2019. Conversely, since the launch of Warzone the hacking situation has gotten so bad that console players have been actively researching how to disable the feature, simply to avoid individuals on PC cheating their way to victory. The latest step to combat this by Infinity Ward has had hackers collectively frustrated as they find themselves eternally shadow banned, and locked out of every playing again due to the new anti-cheat policy.

Warzone Hackers Complain as Devs Make it Harder to Cheat

Infinity Ward has implemented a two-factor authorization policy in the form of requiring players on PC downloading the free client of Warzone to register an active phone number for identity verification purposes. Such a step has also flagged individuals with multiple accounts (and cheating across all of them) such as to also shadow ban those accounts. Shadow banning includes having flagged accounts continually search for matches only over 200ms ping, eventually permanently banning that and any subsequent accounts created by that user. 

Reddit has been awash with community members hailing the move by the developers, and noted a post by a cheater from another forum complaining that the cheats he paid for are now useless, since all of his accounts have been banned - unable to create new ones without getting a new phone number.

Cheaters have been attempting to change their sim-cards, buy burner phones, and even sign up for phone numbers through Google and other online services to no avail. As to why anyone would go to such lengths to cheat in a free-to-play game in the first place is highly questionable, but going so far to buy new hardware and something as personal as your own phone number is beyond reasonable comprehension. 

For now, we can all rest easy that cheaters will have to go to hell and back to cheat in game. Although not eliminated completely - which would be borderline impossible - the honest gamers on PC can now rejoin their console brethren on arguing the eternal debate of controller vs mouse & keyboard.