Warzone Pacific Pro Player Gets 'Outplayed' by Hackers on a Flying Car

"They on their Harry Potter and Ron Weasley b——."
"They on their Harry Potter and Ron Weasley b——." / Image courtesy of IntechsTV, Activision

This is probably not what Raven Software envisioned when they announced fighter planes would be available for players to use in Caldera.

In the midst of what has seemingly been a pretty rough sequence for Call of Duty players in recent weeks, so much so that the launch of Season Two has been delayed in order for the devs to have more time to work on updates, it appears the flying car hack is back in Warzone Pacific. Check out this unreal encounter showcased on stream by Intechs.

On Tuesday, Intechs and Swishem were competing in a 2v2 co-ed tourney when they ran into a pair of players not only using aimbot, but patrolling the tropical skies on a flying Tactical Rover as well.

"Dude the car's flying bro!" Intechs said before readying his BAR. "They're on top of it!"

Soon enough, Intechs and Swishem were beamed without a chance in the world.

The best part of the clip is the killcam, which shows the two just chilling casually on the flying car looking for people to shoot with their perfect accuracy, ground-loot Brens.

"These hackers are having the time of their life," Swishem said on Twitter. "Imagine the car playing music and they’re just killing everyone from the sky. [They] got the unreleased Harry Potter bundle."

Needless to say, this is once again not a good look for the Ricochet Anti-Cheat software as Intechs and Swishem not only got hit with a double whammy of aimbotting and Harry Potter cars, but also during a tourney as well.

At the time of writing, it does not appear that the flying car glitch has been mentioned on the Warzone Trello board just yet, but hopefully, a fix for this comes out ASAP.